Xzfracal (Exact Fraction Calculator) Online Version


Xzfracal is designed to handle many complex mathematical expressions involving fractions (rational numbers) with ease and precision. You can enter a complex expression involving integers, fractions, mixed fractions and repeating decimals in various bases (between 2 and 36) directly. Last modified: 2013-Sep-23

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The followings are samples of problems that can be solved easily and accurately with Xzfracal:

Xzfracal computes the EXACT answers to all supported operations on integers and fractions provided there is enough memory and time to complete the computations. Please refer to the video and links for more details.

Xzfracal 是一個多功能的精確分數(有理數)計算器,能夠準確處理以下的運算:

下面的鏈接和視頻有更多的介紹和例子。 算式的輸入很簡單和直觀, 只要觀看視頻一次,就可以開始使用此計算器! 如果你喜歡這個計算器,我建議你下載 Android 版。